Windows Build Question

Hello All:

I'm trying to build gtk under windows using MinGW. I've encountered a
strange error and was wondering if anyone knows a fix for it. The following
minimalistic makefile file:

>  pmb:
>          glib-mkenums --fprod "/* enumerations from \"@filename \" */\n"

Produces the following output:

>  /* Generated data (by glib-mkenums) */
>  C:/msys/1.0/* enumerations from "gdkrgb.h" *//n
>  /* Generated data ends here */

As you can see, the output is garbled with the addition of the root path.
However if I prepend a space to the argument of the --fprod command
everything works fine. This seems to be a problem with the sh in MinGW. Does
anyone know how this can be fixed short of visiting each



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