Re: changing sensitivity of a button

You might try "g_signal_handlers_block/unblock_by_func" to block
any further signal emission for that button until your conditions
are met and then unblock it..


This is an adaptation of a FAQ entry

--- Joachim Klähn <gtk-list kon-klaehn com> wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm using a button to start an action on a mechanical component.
> This action needs several seconds to finish.
> During this time I'm switching off sensitivity of the button by
> use of
> gtk_widget_set_sensitive(widget,0) to prevent the user from
> clicking it.
> After completion of the action the button is made sensitive by
> use of
> gtk_button_set_sensitive(widget,1)
> If the user holds position of mouse pointer and tries to repeat
> the action
> by pressing the button, he doesn't succed.
> Futher activation of the button is only possible after the mouse
> cursor
> has left the button's area an then reentered.
> Has anybody an workaround.
> achim
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-- David J. Andruczyk

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