Re: Detecting a resize

Hans Oesterholt-Dijkema wrote:

>> Or you could get really tricky and figure out when the user has finished
>> resizing the window by using a timeout and some code that sets a flag
>> when a size_allocate signal is set ... you'd do your scaling operation
>> if your timeout code runs and a *further* size_allocate signal *hasn't*
>> been fired.
> Thanks for your advice,

That's OK :)

> That doesn't look tricky at all. I can implement
> such handling in half an hour. And I'll just create
> a new signal 'resized' that will be fired after the timeout.


> I got an advise to use the 'configure event'
> from someone else. Would this be a good idea?
> --Hans

Never heard of it to be honest. I only use a relatively small subset of
what gtk+ can do ... and I'm using Gtk2-Perl.


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