Re: Memory Usage

   Can you post the source code of your test application?
   GTK doesn't seem to leak memory on i386, it shouldn't on MIPS...
   Thank you.

El 21/10/06 07:03, Andre Messerschmidt escribió:


I having some problems with GTK+ 2.10.3 using DirectFB
on a MIPS platform.
When I create a window (nothing in there, just for
testing) and destroy it later, around 60k of memory
remain allocated. I read in the FAQ that it is normal for GTK+ to cache
certain memory and that this should be ok, but when I
continue creating/destroying windows my free memory
keeps decreasing until only 3MB remain of my initial
128MB. At that stage the system is extremly slow, but
I can see that memory is freed and allocated and the I
will allways have at least 1MB free. Since the system seems to be under heavy pressure to
find memory to free I would like to limit the amount
of memory that GTK+ will use before it starts to free
stuff. Can anybody point me to the appropriate code? I
could not find it in GTK+ or Glib.

Or is this behavior not correct and I really have a
memory leak somewhere?

best regards

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