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The "best" way to set up dual boot XP/Linux at the moment is with
3 partitions:  one with ntfs, one with fat32 for exchanging files and
one with ext3 or whatever filesystem you want to use with Linux.
Reading and writing to ntfs is currently still a problem for Linux.  It
is getting better but in the mean time it is better to use a common
fat32 partition if you want access from both operation systems.
This glosses over swap partition process.  In the near future Linux
will be able to reliably read from and write to ntfs filesystems but
until then an intermediary is needed (fat32 with its' 4G file size.)


What can I put in the fat32 partition? I have win98se but my computer is so new I run into a lot of problems. I have DOS 6.21 on 3.5" floppies but my coputer has no floppy drive. My xp version came with my computer and it's a strange distro. I don't see an xp bootloader that gives me an option to load
two different OSs. I can get grub into the MBR.


   Whoa! Sorry wrong post to wrong group.


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