Re: gtk-win32: "Not enough storage is available to complete this operation."

> Gdk:gdkwindow-win32.c:702: CreateWindowEx failed: Not enough storage is > available to complete this operation.

 > I understand on a superficial level what the message is about, of
 > course; the system has run out of some kind of resource,

Not really likely. The error message is probably just misleading. You
are creating your window in some unexpected way that causes
CreateWindowEx to fail. The error code returned is misleading, or
maybe its corresponding plaintext message too specific for a generic
error code.
No, I think it *is* likely. What I might have pointed out a bit more clearly, is that when I say "lots" of widgets, I don't mean 20 or 30 or even 100; I'm talking about literally thousands, or even tens of thousands of widgets. They are buttons, actually, displayed inside a scrolled window, with (to compound matters further) a couple of levels of boxes in between - there may be something like 1000 containers in additions to the buttons.

The actual number depends on input data, and with, say, 2-300 buttons, or perhaps even 2-3000, everything is OK, but with something like 20000, problems definitely occur. Like I said, the whole thing could use a redesign, but I was rather hoping I wouldn't have to do one right now, since I need to release a beta within the next few days (or preferably yesterday, as always.)
[ ... ]

> Gtk version is 2.6.8... Yeah, I know, there are newer ones available, > but this was the latest (stable) one we found precompiled when starting > this project a few months ago...

You can't have been looking very seriously then.
I didn't look at all, actually. One of my colleagues chose this package. I sort of assumed he downloaded the latest stable version for MinGW, but maybe he instead went for something closer to what we are using on Linux - where we always target the software for a somewhat older version so as not to force our customers to upgrade their computers every two weeks. (And I'm quite happy not doing that myself, too. Software doesn't rust...)

- Toralf

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