Re: Another DrawingArea puzzle

On Thursday 05 January 2006 15:25, Mark Leisher wrote:
> Mark Leisher wrote:
> > The program at the link below uses a custom widget subclassed from the
> > GtkVBox widget. It contains a DrawingArea and a spin button at the
> > bottom. The problem is that when more than one is created, only the
> > first drawing area actually appears.
> >
> > Any help would be appreciated.
> >
> >
> Ok. Now that I have figured out which class functions have to be present
> for GtkVBox subclasses, the code is now a lot cleaner.
>   But the same problem exists with the DrawingArea widgets. The first one
> shows up, but none of the rest appear. All DA's claim to be positioned
> correctly and drawing seems to be happening, but nothing appears on the
> screen.
I have been experiencing similar problems making a widget in PyGTK based on 
"Writing a Widget Using Cairo and PyGTK 2.8"[1] which is a Python version of 
"Writing a Widget Using Cairo and GTK+2.8"; I solved them and described my 
experience on my blog:
Maybe something there rings a bell. I am sorry if it doesn't, hope it helps.
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