ValueTable function implementation

First of all, as a newbie I'm a little confused. So
to clear my conception I got to ask this question.
Please forgive my ignorance. The api
talks about GTypeValueTable. If the collect_format has more than one
character(say 3 or 4) what collect_value() and
lcopy_value() would look like? For example an
implementation of collect_value() is:

static gchar*
value_collect_int (GValue      *value,
           guint        n_collect_values,
           GTypeCValue *collect_values,
           guint        collect_flags)
  value->data[0].v_int = collect_values[0].v_int;
  return NULL;

And lcopy_value() is:

static gchar*
value_lcopy_char (const GValue *value,
          guint         n_collect_values,
          GTypeCValue  *collect_values,
          guint         collect_flags)
  gint8 *int8_p = collect_values[0].v_pointer;
  if (!int8_p)
    return g_strdup_printf ("value location for `%s' passed as NULL", G_VALUE_TYPE_NAME (value));
  *int8_p = value->data[0].v_int;
  return NULL;

Thanks for your patience and time.

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