Re: Question regarding GTypeValueTable

David Shultz wrote:
 Ed Catmur  wrote:

David Shultz wrote:

I was looking at the api and came to a section

that explains GTypeValueTable structure. It talks about
collect_format member and says "Each character in
the format represents an argument to be collected"
what is this argument? Does it mean an argument
to a function? if yes of what function?

Yes, an argument to the collect_value() function of the GTypeValueTable.
Documented in the "Varargs Value Collection" page[1]; you almost certainly
don't need to implement it.

Indeed, you almost certainly don't need to implement your own fundamental
GValue types; what exactly are you trying to do here?



Thanks Ed. I just wanted to know how GValue works. Again thanks.

Hmm. I guess the connection is a little less than clear; the only real hint is the line
  /* varargs functionality (optional) */
in the struct definition above.

Probably the docs could do with some text explicitly saying that the members only need to be provided when implementing the varargs API and linking to the Varargs Value Collection page.  Would you like to submit a docbug (and patch)?

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