Re: how to implement a specific theme for my application only

В Срд, 20/12/2006 в 16:23 +0000, Ed Catmur пишет:
> Renuka K wrote: 
> > i am new to linux as well as GTK+. i am developing an application
> > using 
> > GTK+. To improve the look of my application i would like to set some
> > theme 
> > for my application only . How do i do that?
> You don't.  What other people think looks good is not the same as what
> you think looks good.  More importantly, people with accessbility
> issues need to be able to use large text, high contrast etc. themes. 

Well, you could load some RC-file (.gtkrc-2.0 by default) on program
startup. That file should countain description of new look of your


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