Re: Installing GTK 2+

On Mon, 11 Dec 2006 08:02:52 -0400
aramis1971 netscape net wrote:

>>checking Pango flags... configure: error:
>*** Pango not found. Pango built with Cairo support is required
>*** to build GTK+. See for Pango information.
>I have already installed Pango...
>juan juan-desktop:~/Desktop/gtk+-2.10.6$ whereis pango
>pango: /etc/pango /usr/lib/pango /usr/local/etc/pango /usr/local/lib/pango
>I am a newbie and i do not know how to correct this problem. I am using 
>Ubuntu 6.10
>Any ideas?

I can only explain in general terms, since I don't have Ubuntu going.
Basically, you the problem is you can have 2 Gtk2 lib systems, 1 in
/usr  and 1 in /usr/local.

Ubuntu, and other distros, will put the default system Gtk2 libs in
/usr, but the default location when you build from scratch is /usr/local.

So you can have 2 pkgconfig directories, /usr/lib/pkgconfig, and 
/usr/local/lib/pkgconfig. This is where the *.pc files go for all the Gtk2 
programs you install.

By default, things in /usr/local are usually found first in a path search,
before things in /usr, so you have to be aware of what you have.

What all this boils down to, is when you build from sources, you need
to use the --prefix option when you do the ./configure, to tell it to put
it in /usr
./configure --prefix=/usr

This will normally work, but you may run into problems where you need
to upgrade other libs first, in order for the new lib to be happy.  The libs are
usually listed on the servers by version levels, like 2.10.4  or 2.12.6, etc.

You need to stick to one level, or close, and there is no hard rule. A lib will
complain when you try to build it, if it dosn't like what it sees in the other libs.

Then there is the basic build order dependency.


If you just replace say pango, in that list, it may screw up gtk2, or
if you change cairo, you may need to rebuild all the dependents. Or
in your case, the new pango must be built with the new cairo, or pango must
be rebuilt before building Gtk2.  So if you upgade cairo, you should
rebuild glib,pango,atk, and finally gtk2 (in that order).  If you try to
just upgrade pango, with a version too advance for your cairo level,
you will get errors. ( My head starts to spin :-) )

So usually, if you upgrade your basic libs, you do it by upgrading the
ENTIRE base set (listed above) and in the right order, using --prefix=/usr
Then you MAY have to upgrade a few other odd libs which a specific app
may depend on, but the basic set listed above usually suffices.

So go to the ftp site, find the level you need, (probably the latest of everything ),
and get the sources for the lib-set listed above, and install in the
prescribed order, with "./configure --prefix=/usr"

Like I said, that is the basics, in general terms.


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