Re: How to port a GTK project to Win32 platform?

heavenscape writes:
 > I'd like to know how, and how can I get the related libraries and
 > environments available under MS windows XP.

Browse and and you will find
zip archives that contain the Win32 ports of GTK+ and dependencies,
and most GNOME platform libraries, and a few desktop ones.

(For instance, has Win32 ports
of GTK+ and dependencies, and has the
GNOME platform libraries.)

There are usually two zip archives for each version of a library:
Runtime and developer. (Just like Linux distros have separate runtime
and developer packages for libraries.)

If your application uses only GTK+ you can use MSVC6 to build your app
even if the GTK+ libraries have been built with gcc (mingw). (You
might be able to use newer versions of MSVC is you are careful and
avoid such GTK+ and GLib API that passes or returns data specific to
the C library being used, like file descriptors.) If you use GNOME
libraries, you have to use gcc.

Some hints can be found in .


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