Re: GTK is double buffered by default ? on GNU/Linux and MS Windows ?

Hi Mirco,

        Do you have a patch of your changes to gtk+ you could send me?
Its was only very experimental stuff (and broke Gtk's spinner widget -
although none on the list could even give me an explanation why this
could happen). It was written against GTK-2.0 and helps only on nvidia
I already talked to nvidia drivers programmers, they'll try to
optimize their drivers in future.

which version did you write your changes?

Have you only patched gtk+ or glib too?
GDK and GTK.

        Have you tried to get in touch with him in order to maybe join efforts
and avoid duplicate work?
No, but thanks a lot for the hint. I always used oprofile, I'll try to
get in contact with him.

I could send it to you if you're interrested by mail.

lg Clemens

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