Re: Cairo support

On Thu, 2006-04-27 at 09:47 +0400, Andrew E. Makeev wrote:
> yes, 2.8.x
> well, that's the bad news, because we met 2 problems:
> 1st - application becomes much slower until we turn off FontConfig/FreeType

What aspects of your program are slower?  If you run your program on,
say, Windows XP (instead of server) at 16-bit color depth is the same
problem manifest?

> 2nd - we have application crashed on Win Server 2003 in cairo lib when 
> rendering animation image. (DLLs were built on XP machine though with MinGW)

Does the application crash in the same manner when you use the official
binary dlls as provided by Tor?

Note that as long as you don't need to use any of the new apis
introduced in 2.8, you can always ship your app with the dlls from 2.6
where cairo was not yet integrated.

However, a bug report on 2.8 would probably be helpful.  A test case
illustrating the problems (speed and crashing) would be helpful to the
developers in tracking down the bug.


> thanks anyway,
> -andrew
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