Re: ld.exe: cannot find -liconv

Ok, in the hope to correct the problem, and expecting that viruses were
the primary reason of it, I have re-installed Windows-xp. Right now there
is nothing else but the the OS and the libraries you have placed for
download at:

My first intention was to run /bin/gtk-demo.exe, but I get an error
message saying "This application has failed to start because iconv.dll was
not found. Re-installing the application may fix the proble."

I checked for the existance of this file, but it does not exist in my
system. Perhaps this is a file that was, for some reason, left out.

If this is a bug, I am glad to be able to help.

On the other hand, where would you suggest I get this files from?
I know that I could do a search on the net, and I did, but I don't want to
compromise the process of getting GTK+ to work in my system.

Thanks in advance Tor, you have been very helpful and willing through out
my GTK+ odessi, for that I am very thankful to you

> jalkadir gosonic ca writes:
>  > I did as you suggested. I changed the font to Arial, but I still keep
>  > getting the same message.
> Argh.
>  > Do you have any other rabbit in your hat :) .
> Hmm, not really. I don't get these messages myself. Is your code
> trying to use some specific font iself? You are sure you don't have
> several installations of the Pango DLLs and use some old ones instead
> of the ones you think you should be using?
> --tml

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