Re: so, is this claim about pango still true? or does nobody actually care?

Russell Shaw wrote:
Daniel Kasak wrote:

Russell Shaw wrote:
I'm using a pentium 166 as a dedicated mozilla machine among a few other

Correction: 266MHz (with 64MB ram)

But that is very sluggish because of ram swapping when running mozilla.

In a typical gtk window with a dozen widgets in it, dragging the lower
right corner to resize the window shows a very sluggish iterative loop
of repositioning/resizing all the widgets, on a 2.4GHz AMD athlon.

I think the video card is unaccelerated in dual-head mode that i have.
However, even if unaccelerated, a well designed system should still be
lightning fast. You'd expect this if every individual pixel was retrieved
from the X server, alpha-composited, then written back.

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