Re: so, is this claim about pango still true? or does nobody actually care?

Russell Shaw wrote:

I don't care how much tedious rendering pango does; if a gui isn't
lightning fast on a 100MHz pentium (or 25MHz 386 for that matter),
it's fundamentally broken in either or both design and implementation.

Oh come on!
A pentium 100?
That's what you're using, right? Sure? Really sure? I don't believe you.
Computers from that time are starting to pack it in. In fact, computers from that time have probably *finished* packing it in. If anyone has a pentium 100 ( or a 25MGz 386 for that matter ) still around, it's *NOT* to run Gtk2, it's to run a firewall, DNS, etc, and it will not have X at all. Everyone else ( bar the occasional minimal-freak ) uses widget toolkits designed to run on today's hardware.
God help you when XGL / Glitz arrive :)

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