Re: generalized wizard dialog?

On, Thu May 05, 2005, Ben Johnson wrote:

> Hey.
> I made my first little wizard dialog a little while ago, and learned a
> lot about the problems involved with making a wizard.  In order to make
> this process easier and less error prone, I thinking about making a
> generalized wizard dialog.
> first, does something like this already exist that I can use?

I made made one, which only relies on gtk+-2.x:

It is the wizard.[c,h] files and it should not be too complicated to
make a rip of them. They do not rely on much of the other code.

[description of wizard implementation]
> I think something like this wouldn't be terribly difficult to put
> together and would probably make my life a little simpler.  If it
> doesn't already exist (in one form or another) then I'm going to make
> it, and I'll share it if anyone's interested.

It would be of interest for me as long as it does not depend on anything
else besides Gtk and Glib.


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