gtk:what Packages are needed ?

    I would like to know what packages are needed for the installation of gtk.

    I am unable to compile gtk. every one package asks for others
packages and the list goes on...

   i want to install X windows, GTK, GPE packages.

   GPE needs GTK, so trying to install gtk. but gtk needs so many
other packages.
   each package down the order some more......
   So far i have installed
                  1) xlibs
                  2) zlib
                  3) glib
                  4) pango
                  5) atk
                  6) tiff
                  7) libpng
                  8) libjpeg
                  9) expat lib
                  10) xft --> cannot compile

   God only knows how many more are needed ?

   Does anyone know what packages needed to be intsalled and in what order ?.

    Simple Steps will help people like me.
   I dont understand why Xft, fontconfig, freetype are requried ?.

   Can anyone let me know why each package is needed are what does it do ?.

  A standard GTK needs what all packages. i suspect i have already
installed too many redundant packages.

Actually let me know what is absolutely neccessary packages needed ?


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