Re: Unanswered questions

Chris Thomas wrote:
so basically, you have to fire off your message and HOPE it hits A
TARGET, SOMEWHERE, it's a long shot, but tahts just the way I play the
game, you could go onto IRC and find someone to help you in real time
terms, that's always better sometimes than posting to groups, cause
you'll have a limited audience and if your question is mildly
interesting, you'll get a reply too

The problem is this, often we want an answer about something that is
confusing to us, we really have to deeply analyse our questions first
so we really understand what it is we want to know, then we have to
find a "one line" concise description of the problem.

I find if I formulate direct understandable questions, I get a better
response from an ML (thats not to say that chance doesn't play a big
role in the affair either).

(just an insight I thought was interesting)


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