Re: Unanswered questions

from what I know it doesnt really work that way, basically people have
lives and like living them, if someone sees your message and can
instantly fire off a reply, you'll most likely get one, but sometimes
your question can be answerable by only a certain few people, who
might not read your message, cause you have to consider maybe they get
1000 emails a day, you think in the noise, your singular message will
get read?

so basically, you have to fire off your message and HOPE it hits A
TARGET, SOMEWHERE, it's a long shot, but tahts just the way I play the
game, you could go onto IRC and find someone to help you in real time
terms, that's always better sometimes than posting to groups, cause
you'll have a limited audience and if your question is mildly
interesting, you'll get a reply too


On 7/29/05, Jonathan Hayward <christos jonathan hayward gmail com> wrote:
> Have I broken a social rule? I've asked a few questions, and one of them got
> a very helpful answer (actually, several). Then I posted a question asking
> what the calls were to do several things, and that wasn't answered, and I
> wondered if I came across as "please do my work for me." Then I posted a
> question asking what a good way to approach things would be, as opposed to
> trying to make GTK function like another environment, and that wasn't
> answered. Then one or two more posts, and I asked what was wrong with code I
> was trying to use to display a menu bar at the top of a window--and that
> seemed to be a modest request instead of asking people to do my work for me,
> one which should have an answer like "Here's why you want to change 'if (x =
> 1)' to use a double equals."
>  I've just gone through and removed 2.4.9 from my system (which had been
> installed over 2.6.7) and forcibly reinstalled 2.6.7 so that there wouldn't
> be subtle problems from inconsistent versions. The last code I posted, under
> the subject "Getting menu to show," crashes with exactly the same
> (diagnostic) output as before I did this.
>  Are there other things I should know about posting to this list?
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