Re: Fwd: How will cairo influence GTK's performance?

> With the DRI drivers however, resizing the window is a LOT smoother,
> and scrolling trough the entire page is smooth as silk, no matter how
> hard I pull that scrollbar :P
> Ofcourse, it would be better to have a real benchmark. One such app
> that could prove useful here, is GtkPerf ( I
> will run a few tests this afternoon and post the results here, to see
> if they match my perception.

Wellthis could be definitivly the reason why am I seeing not optimal
performance of GTK/GDK based applications on my computer since both
pc's I own are nvidia-based (gf488go and fx5200).
I would be interrested which operation's are slower with the
proprietary drivers, maybe it would be worth to investigate further
and send ATI/NVIDIA bugreports?

lg Clemens

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