Re: GTK+, & GLIB Questions

Jim Isom wrote:
To whom it may concern,
We received a security issue from Hewlett Packard regarding the version GLIB-1.2.10, & GTK+-1.2.10 (Which we currently have installed), I went to your site and noticed that you now have version 2.6.2 available. This server that currently has the older version running is very important to my client. My question is this can I upgrade to 2.6.2 for both GLIB, & GTK without any disruption to our system and still know that the product will be available for the users that utilize it? And if not what version can we upgrade to to eliminate the security issue and where would I find the product at?

Doing a web search indicates that it might be:

If so, it's just a simple packaging screwup on HP's part, and there are
instructions in the report for fixing the problem.

I can't think of any security issues inherent in the GLib/GTK+ 1.2.10
libraries (though they have been out of maintainence from the GTK+ team
for 3+ years now, and have *many* known bugs.)

You certainly won't be able to upgrade from GTK+-1.2.10 to a recent
version and keep the same binaries (probably just Mozilla) running.


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