Re: installing glib and gtk - new versions

On Sun, 2005-02-13 at 00:16 -0500, Valdis Kletnieks vt edu wrote:
> On Sat, 12 Feb 2005 20:31:14 EST, charles livsey said:
> > I'm trying to install new versions of Glib and GTK over old on RH
> > Enterprise Linux AS,
>   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> > I'm getting these errors?  Why does Redhat not use these versions?
> Because you're not using the version of RedHat software that focuses on
> "latest and greatest", but the version that focuses on "stability".

Nothing should stop him from installing unstable stuff in a separate
development prefix - he just needs to understand how to do that by
setting the various environment variables, such as PKG_CONFIG_PATH. Of
course it's stupid to try to install stuff from source as root on top of
the packaged software in /usr/.

> The Fedora tree has 2.6.2 already.  If you want latest-and-greatest,
> you should be using that.  If you're running their Enterprise Linux AS
> product, then presumably, this is an "enterprise server" - in other words,
> a box where *rock solid* stability is more important than "cutting edge".
> Remember - we're talking here a box where just putting it into production
> may be a 3-month or more process - installing, burn-in, software config,
> testing, documenting, making sure everybody from the Help Desk staff to
> the Op Center has updated documentation and procedures, back-out plans in
> case it goes live and dies.  If you have GTK-based software for an enterprise
> system, and it's going live *now*, gtk 2.4.1 was probably current when you
> started out - and there's nothing worse for your project timeline than
> continually saying "Oh, let's re-do the code to use these new 2.6 features".
> No, if you want to deploy it anytime soon, you stick with the 2.4 features
> and save the gtk2.6 stuff for the next release of the software.
> It's really not RedHat's fault if you're using the wrong version of their
> software....
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