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On Sat, 12 Feb 2005 00:54:53 +0100, "david::" said:

> I have not explained correctly, I'm sorry. I was talking about what
> you say as "host-dependent themes".
> Maybe the matter should _begin_ with this other question:
> Could be possible to have _different_ applications (no matter where
> they actually run) with _different_ themes in the _same_ X server?
> Something like

OK. I know what you mean now.  Some clarification is needed I thinkk..

Things like the titlebar, the open/close/iconify buttons, resizing grips
*for the window as a whole*, and so on, are *not* drawn by the client itself,
but by the window manager client.  So one window manager drew the top
bar that says "el gimp" and the round buttons and borders, and Gimp drew
the actual stuff *inside* the window.  Another window manager drew the
titlebar and resize bars for the Mozilla window, and Mozilla drew the stuff
inside it.

So this isn't really a Gtk question at all, it's a window manager question.
And at least *some* window managers can do that easily enough - for instance,
I use Enlightenment as my window manager, and it's quite themable, even on
the fly - so doing what you wanted is fairly simple.

Other window managers may be able to do it as well - there's certainly enough
choices out there.  I'm just using Enlightenment as a proof of concept that
it *is* doable, but *isn't* a Gtk issue....

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