stupid suggestion about themes


i don't really know how themes work, but i have thought about a
feature that maybe you like.

Imagine two computers on a LAN, computers "A" and "B". When you open a
ssh from A to B and launch an application in B, you see it in A's X
server, right?

Imagine A and B have both of them Gtk with different themes. When you
launch an application in B from A, you see that application's widgets
with A's theme, not B's theme.

Maybe you find useful that every application that runs on A had A's
theme and every application that runs on B had B's theme, no matter
where these application were shown. Imagine a desktop with several
windows, local applications running on a white theme and remote
applications running on a dark theme. All in the same X server.

I hope I have explained myself. I don't know if this thing is
possible, but i hope you like it, anyway.

Thanks for reading. Have a good time


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