Re: stupid suggestion about themes

On Fri, 11 Feb 2005 16:07:16 +0100, "david::" said:

> Imagine A and B have both of them Gtk with different themes. When you
> launch an application in B from A, you see that application's widgets
> with A's theme, not B's theme.

The Gtk application is running as an X client on B, and has no reasonable
way of asking what theme is in use on A.  It's even quite possible that
the theme in use on A isn't installed on B (for instance, my laptop has
a personally-hacked-up version of the Ganymede theme - which won't be found
on any of the many machines I might launch a remote application on).

> Maybe you find useful that every application that runs on A had A's
> theme and every application that runs on B had B's theme, no matter
> where these application were shown. Imagine a desktop with several
> windows, local applications running on a white theme and remote
> applications running on a dark theme. All in the same X server.

This in fact is how things usually end up working - but only because you
have the local machine using a white theme and all the remote boxes using
a dark theme.  If you were to actually login on the console of the remote
box, it would still be using a dark theme (unless you did some additional
magic to change the theme yourself - that detection is outside the scope
of Gtk itself, and belongs in the Gnome/whatever window manager).

Now imagine a scenario where you need more distinction than "local" and "remote".
For instance, I on a regular basis have applications from a half-dozen different
systems open at once on my laptop... :)

(Am I confused, or are your two paragraphs suggesting two *different* things:
one suggesting the same theme everyplace no matter where it was run from, and
the other suggesting the use of host-dependent themes?)

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