Yet another question

This will be my third post here.  Perhaps I'll get an answer this time.

I'm still struggling along trying to learn Gtk+ and using 1.2.  What I'd
like to know is how to kill a child window without killing the parent.
Or at least I think that's what I need to know.

I have a main panel with buttons to launch some number of different
satellite windows, like a file selecter, and such.  I've gotten each of
these to work as a stand-alone, and then dropped the main function to
make a call-back.  Works like a charm.  What happens, though, is when I
go to close the call-back, it takes the entire application.

The delete_event function calls gtk_main_quit() and that works for the
prototype, but now I'd like to replace that with something that just
closes the call-back and leaves the main window intact.  In one window I
crafted myself (lotsa fields and buttons and spinners and such), I
simply commented out the delete-event call from gtk_signal_connect, and
though I couldn't close it from a button within the window, when I
clicked off the desktop frame, it went away without killing the main
panel.  The file selector is straight from the tutorial, however, and I
don't know how to change that... clicking off the desktop frame kills

I'm seeing things like gtk_widget_destroy, but I can't figure out how to
apply them.

I've got both Harlow and Pennington, as well as all the html docs I can
find, and I'm still lost.  Would someone point me in the right direction
here, please?


Bill Tallman

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