Re: Compiling pkgconfig with arm-linux-gcc

Hello Baurzhan,

> I used the following settings in arm-linux.cache:
> glib_cv_stack_grows=no
> glib_cv_rtldglobal_broken=no
> glib_cv_uscore=no
> ac_cv_func_posix_getpwuid_r=yes
> After creating the file, I started ./configure
> --host=arm-linux
> --cache-file=arm-linux.cache

I tried the above steps for configuring glib atleast
now the error test program found is not coming, but
the error I am receiving now is:

error: checking for glib-genmarshal
error:could not found glib-genmarshal

If you know something abt. it please write me.

And In case of pkgconfig I don't know how to
crosscompile pkgconfig , please write me the command
to crosscompile pkgconfig.

Thanks And Regards


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