Re: Preparing for Cairo?

On Thu, 2004-11-04 at 11:39 +1000, ben carlyle invensys com wrote:

> Hrmm.. not really. I've read pretty much all the information I could find 
> on cairo and it's integration with gtk, but much of it is in tanalising 
> snippets. This one covert quite a lot, but is pitched at a low level. 
> While it talks about gtk/cairo integration in terms of how an expose event 
> occurs (which is also what is wrapped up in GtkCairo) it makes only subtle 
> hints at GnomeCanvas becoming (or being replaced by) a GtkCanvas. This 
> could imply that no API change for the canvas is expected over this 
> transition. If so, I haven't found any definitate statement to that 
> effect, and I would like to solicit one :)

I don't think we'll be including a canvas widget in GTK+ for GTK+-2.8;
just getting Cairo, redone themes, maybe printing support will be plenty
of 2.8. And GTK+-2.10 won't be until ~2006. 

It's unlikely we'd include GnomeCanvas verbatim ... a canvas widget in
GTK+ would likely be aligned very closely with Cairo, rather than 
being an interface on top of a 

So I'd say you should pick based on what is available now, not what
might be available in 1.5-2 years. Try out GnomeCanvas, DiaCanvas, etc.
See what works well. Consider at least the possibility of writing
a "canvas" yourself. I'm never entirely sure that a canvas helps
once you reach a certain level of complexity. Trying to sync your
internal data to the canvas object tree can be almost as hard as
just drawing/picking based on your internal data.


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