GtkAction - no gtk_action_set_sensitive()?

I've been experimenting with GtkAction via the gtkmm C++ bindings, and was quite surprised to find that gtkmm doesn't provide a Gtk::Action::set_sensitive() method. Upon investigation I discovered that this is because GTK+ doesn't provide gtk_action_set_sensitive().

Without this method, I can't see how the programmer is supposed to set the sensitivity of the Action's controls - if I'm understanding the API right, setting the Action to be insensitive should disable all the buttons and menu items associated with it. Yes, it can be done by the property, but given that there's a gtk_action_get_sensitive(), I'm surprised to find that there isn't one for setting sensitivity.

Am I barking up entirely the wrong tree here? Obviously gtkmm can provide set_sensitive quite easily, but we were wondering if there was a particular reason why GTK+ doesn't provide one.



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