ANNOUNCE: gtw 0.1.0

** version 0.1.0 (first release of gtw)
 * This release is based on gtk+ 2.2.4
 * The whole gtk+ and libgnomeui have been wrapped (almost).

** todo(version 0.2.0):
 * tutorial
 * gtk+ 2.4 and libgnomeui 2.6 support

About gtw

GTW ( is a template based C++ wrapper library for GTK+.

The library is in header file form and does not require any compile-time and run-time dependencies. GTW is a thin wrapper on GTK+. All of the functions are inline functions. This allows developers to create fast and compact applications. While allowing developers to fully utilize C++ techniques, GTW doesn't alter or hide the underlying GTK+ specific constructs. Developers can mix GTK+ code and GTW code in any proportions to create working applications. It is also easy for developers to create reusable classes and extend their class design with GTW.

With GTW, you can write code like this:

 // connect signal to default handler "on_xxx"
 // connect singal to customized handler
 button_.create_with_label("Hello World");
 // call gtk function directly
g_signal_connect_swapped(button_.g_object(), "clicked", G_CALLBACK (gtk_widget_destroy), g_object());

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