"watermarking" a treeview

I've got an app where I have a treeview to display a bunch of things.
Click the things and they expand to show their members. That all works
wonderfully. What I'd like to be able to do is toss a PNG or JPG or
whatever behind/over this tree to create a watermark effect. Thus far,
I have not seen a simple way to do this in the GtkTreeView or GtkTreeModel
references. Googling and MARC searches turn up a few hits from a couple of
years ago where other people looking for the same thing; no solutions.

It's dead trivial to put an image above or below my GtkTreeView, I already
have a few static images as well as buttons; now the trick is setting the
GtkTreeView to be translucent or overlaying a transparent-ish image. How?


GDB has a 'break' feature; why doesn't it have 'fix' too?

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