Re: Building glib docs

Sven Neumann wrote:

Russell Shaw <rjshaw netspace net au> writes:

When building glib docs from cvs, i get:

../glib-docs.sgml:69: warning: failed to load external entity

If your Docbook XML setup was complete (this includes properly setup
XML catalogs), then nothing would have to be loaded over the network.

From what I heard quite some modern distros finally come with a proper
setup for processing XML documents. Debian testing and unstable work
fine and I've been told that Mandrake 10 and the latest Fedora
releases got it right as well.

Ok, it works now after upgrading various xml packages. Is there
something wrong with some versions of /bin/sed? Each of these steps
takes 5-10+mins:

  Writing glib-Arrays.html for refentry(glib-Arrays)
  Writing glib-Pointer-Arrays.html for refentry(glib-Pointer-Arrays)
  Writing glib-Byte-Arrays.html for refentry(glib-Byte-Arrays)

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