Writing science application to visualisate physical process. Need help.

Good time of day.

I'm student and I need to write application to visualisate quantum mechanical 
process. So I'd like to write application where I could view some movie in 
dynamics. I tried to write it using GTK+-2.4.1 library, and now I am a bit 

What I've done. I've took a scribble-simple program from gtk+ 2.0 tutorial as 
a base, removed code that handles mouse moving and drawing and then tried to 
add some code that allows me to move for example rectangle. As the result for 
now I can't see any moving.

May be I'm very wrong, but my idea is the following. I take a pixmap and then 
I'll draw next frame on it and make it visible. The sequence of this frames 
form my movie. Next 3 functions illustrate what I'm actually doing:
 gdk_draw_rectangle (pixmap, widget->style->white_gc,TRUE, update_rect.x_old,
 update_rect.y_old, update_rect.width_old, update_rect.height_old);
 gdk_draw_rectangle (pixmap, widget->style->black_gc,TRUE, update_rect.x_new,
 update_rect.y_new, update_rect.width_new, update_rect.height_new);
 gtk_widget_queue_draw_area (widget, update_rect.x, update_rect.y,
 update_rect.width, update_rect.height);

As the result, my rectangular is in the last position.

I dare to ask because I think I'm thinking in the wrong direction at all. 
Looking throught library reference I've found another widget: GtkImage, but I 
don't know how to use it. And confusing usage of gtk and gdk functions. Is 
this write?

So. What is the right way to make moving picture using gtk+ library?
Thoughts and ideas, links, listings are very welcome.

Thank you for your attention,

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