Re: draw a 16bpp unindexed image on PC linux

>From:	John Cupitt <jcupitt gmail com>

Chose visual type=true color depth=24, image bpp=32, lsb first
Color test time elapsed: 0.82s, 60.8 fps, 15.58 megapixels/s
Grayscale test time elapsed: 0.76s, 65.6 fps, 16.80 megapixels/s
Alpha test time elapsed: 18.28s, 2.7 fps, 0.70 megapixels/s
Alpha test (to pixmap) time elapsed: 18.15s, 2.8 fps, 0.71 megapixels/s

I keep OpenGL in mind. Apparently I have to write an object culling
system and perhaps a clipping system if I use pixbuf. My software
is already starting to look like OpenGL and it is puzzling what I should
implement and what I should leave to OpenGL or to GTK.


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