Re: Development at GTK

Rubem Figueredo ha scritto lo scorso 08/06/04 22.38:
 > I´m Rubem, I live in Brazil, and I´m very interested about GTK. It´s
a great language.
 > I´ve read your tutorial " GTK+2.0 Tutorial", I´ve thought great, very
 > I´m begining at gtk  and I have some doubt, like: Are there  some
compiler for windows ??

Hi Rubem,
what do you mean? If you already use an IDE on win32, you can continue to use it; what you need are gtk+ (both development libs and run-time dlls). So, if you use visual studio, you can keep on using it. If You don't use any IDE (maybe you're starting just now in coding for win32) I suggest you the nice dev-cpp (which uses mingw as a compiler) together with Glade 2.0.1R2 forn win32 as GUI designer. Let us know which are your preferences and if you have any trouble with them.

Are there some thing to do if I have a OS linux
when I write source on gtk ?? or I only write " gcc name.c -o name '
pkg-config --cflags --libs gtk+2.0'  on linux konsole( command line ) to
compile ??

Something like using a makefile and autotools?

 > My real doubt is how to begin. Write the source, to get a compiler
and to compile that source.

Personally, I use Anjuta + Glade 2 under Linux.

Could you help me ???
 > I already thanks for all.

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