Problem with stereo display

Hi all!
We are developing an application which uses the GtkGLArea to embed an
OpenGL Performer window into a GTK user interface. The application is able
to display the 3D-scene in mono or in stereo. Some time ago, when we were
still using GTK 1.2, this worked fine.
In the meantime we ugraded to GTK+ 2.2.2, so I had to upgrade the
GtkGLArea too. Now I noticed that stereo mode doesn't work anymore. I'm
not quite sure, that this is a GTK problem, since there were other program
changes. But after running some simple test cases it looks like there is
a problem with the GLContext.
First I create the GtkGLArea with attributes for quad buffered stereo.
This works on a machine which is configured for stereo display. On a
machine without stereo visuals it fails and returns a NULL pointer. So
far so good.
Then I connect the performer window to it. When this window is opened I
test whether stereo is available. This test fails, so it looks like the
stereo attribute is somehow lost. The drawing calls are executed for
buffers GL_BACK_LEFT and GL_BACK_RIGHT, but I get only a mono display.
On the same machine another application which doesn't use GTK can
successfully display a scene in stereo.

Has anyone else experienced problems with stereo mode?

Peter Krüger

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