Errors Compiling GtkDatabox Demo Files

I’m new to GTK+ and a beginner in Linux programming, so please be patient with me.


After installing GtkDatabox- typing the following lines:




make install


everything looks fine. I tested the example programs without any complication. But when trying to compile them, I’m experiencing the following difficulties. I try to compile for example the basics.c file typing:


gcc –Wall –g basics.c –o basics ‘pkg-config --cflags gtk+-2.0’ ‘pkg-config --libs gtk+-2.0’


and the compiler give me the following errors:


/tmp/cc5o02G.o(text+0x175): In function ‘create_basics’:

/home/mzavala/…./basics.c:69: reference to ‘gtk_databox_new’ without definition


and the same as the last message for other functions as: gtk_databox_get_type, gtk_databox_set_background_color, etc.


How can I make gcc recognize GtkDatabox libraries? Should I install GtkDatabox libraries in some specific directory in order to make them work?


Any help will be GREATLY appreciated…


I’m using RH9.




Miguel Zavala

Asuncion, Paraguay

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