beg for help - writing a custom tree model


	For few days now I'm struggling with GtkTreeView. I'm
trying to implement my own GtkTreeModel, which would contain
massive amount of data located in LDAP ( in fact my
model would be just a proxy to a LDAP).
	The main problem is that GtkTreeView behavior makes it
impossible. First of all: when a user expands a node GtkTreeView asks
me to create iterators for each child, then every child is referenced
(accordingly to the manual that means that an item is to be displayed -
which is wrong because even if there are 5000 children it's refernecing
all of them at once). Then - what is even more ridiculous - I'm asked
to provide values for all children elements - which is total

	My question is:
	Have I just gone insane or Treeview behaves as described 

	Thank you.

PS. Can anyone give me some hints how can I achieve my goal?


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