Re: GdkBitmap


Richard Plana <rplana zicorp com> writes:

> Thanks and my apologies. I was looking at the wrong pages. That said,
> I still couldn't find a way to arbitrarilly create a GdkBitmap from
> scratch (ie. just specify a width and a height) and to modify its
> pixel contents (set and unset pixels). All of the functions I've seen
> which create GdkBitmaps require either an XBM or an XPM or an Imlib
> supported image).

You didn't read what I wrote, did you? A GdkBitmap is a GdkPixmap is a
GdkDrawable. So in order to create a bitmap from scratch you use

  gdk_pixmap_new (width, height, 1);

There's also gdk_bitmap_create_from_data() which is probably a more
efficient way since it allows you to initialize the bitmap at the same


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