Re: glib probs...


"Jamie McLaughlin" <jamiemclaughl26 hotmail com> writes:

> Oh, pity a poor struggling TD that is trying his best to learn more
> and more...
> I use Maya at work, and Shake, and all's peachy in RH7.1.  It uses
> GLIB2.0 (iirc...), or whichever release it used.  Now, at work,
> Softimage|3D, Maya, XSI, Houdini, and Shake ALL are perfectly fine on
> 7.1, but when I try on my home machine (RH9), they complain of not
> being able to find the correct version of GLIB, and are unable to link
> with "", so I'm quite stuck here.  I have asked several
> people if it is possible to fix this easily.  It can't be THAT hard to
> fix, can it?  I just do not know what to do, as there is no
> documentation on this problem.

You are confusing glib with glibc. Your application looks for glibc,
which is the GNU libc. However this mailing list is about glib and


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