GTK+-2.2.4 together with GTK+-1.2.10


I Installed GTK+-2.2.4(from source) and found that some of the applications I 
tried to install didn't like 2.2- so I had to install GTK+1.2.10. And finally 
that worked.

Now I tries to get some apps work that uses GTK2.2... But the configure-script 
can't find it.

I installed the GTK+-2.2.4 straight off. No options was used.

The config-script claims that it can't find ../gtk/gtk.h Of course it can't, 
it is stored at /usr/local/include/gtk-2.0/gtk/gtk.h.

So what to do or what should I done it?

I know both libraries should be able to co-exist.

Please help , thanks.

/Lars-Göran Andersson

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