Re: drawing widget parts directly into pixmaps

On Sat, 2003-09-20 at 07:00, Tuviah Snyder wrote:
> Is there anything like the appearence manager APIs or a
> drawthemecheckbox call in GTK which would allow allow me to draw
> widgets parts without maintaining the actual widgets in memory.
> What the recommended way for drawing existing widgets in memory
> directly into a specified area in an offscreen pixmap or a window
> without showing the actual widget on screen?
> Can anyone point me to a sample app which may help me get started?

What you have to do is call the functions in gtkstyle.h. They aren't
quite as high level as a whole checkbox; at the moment you simply have
to copy the checkbox drawing code out of gtkcheckbox.c, for example, to
get the right set of gtkstyle.h calls.


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