drawing widget parts directly into pixmaps

Hello my application uses the appearence manager and the new windows xp theme manager to draw widgets directly into pixmaps without using what some would consider real controls. This enables us to port our application easily between platforms and ensure that things like layering (you can layer one control on another) work correctly. We wrote most of our own widget display routines many years ago in low level X11 (not fun!), However we are considering using GTK to add theme support for Linux.
General questions - Will GTK work with most Linux themes out there? The only other alternatives I know are Motif or QT.
Technical questions:
Is there anything like the appearence manager APIs or a drawthemecheckbox call in GTK which would allow allow me to draw widgets parts without maintaining the actual widgets in memory.
What the recommended way for drawing existing widgets in memory directly into a specified area in an offscreen pixmap or a window without showing the actual widget on screen?
Can anyone point me to a sample app which may help me get started?
I'm looking for help on this project..(maybe even a sample app which draws various controls at various states to a pixmap or window) ..so if any experianced GTK/Linux programmers are interested please respond to me off-list
Tuviah Snyder <tuviah runrev com> <http://www.runrev.com/>
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