Re: drawing widget parts directly into pixmaps

 > If you want to talk more about this, feel free to email me. Its an
> area I have thought about a great deal because I have wanted to port a
> GUI library that uses the "all widgets are pixmaps" model to X11 for
> quite a long time.
So what are my options, if any. Our X11 routines draw motif styled controls
just fine. Our customers are requesting GTK themes so our apps look

Are you saying even if I associate a real GTKWidget with my internal custom
control, I can't get GTK to draw the entire widget at the specified

>What you have to do is call the functions in gtkstyle.h. They aren't
>quite as high level as a whole checkbox; at the moment you simply have
>to copy the checkbox drawing code out of gtkcheckbox.c, for example, to
>get the right set of gtkstyle.h calls.
Yuck. And if I did that would it then draw correctly or the current theme?

Will GTK work with KDE themes?

Tuviah Snyder <tuviah runrev com> <>
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