issue regarding gdkeventkey

Hi all,

i am facing a very odd problem regarding GdkEvent. in application i want
to assign some shortcut keys, to some process., so
my method which handles the key press event :
bool window1::on_window1_key_press_event(GdkEventKey *ev)

i want to trace ctrl-shift F1, so my condition is
if((ev->keyval==GDK_F1)&&((ev->state & 5)==5) && (ev->type ==GDK_KEY_PRESS))
//5 is for shift value of ctrl and shift keys.
g_message("U have press ctrl shift F1")

when i pressed the keys, these is condition is never valid or never
occurs, if i trace out ctrl-shift-A, it is properly traced.

can any one tell me, why is it so, and what should i do

Sagar Shah.

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