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randhol pvv ntnu no wrote:
Manuel Op de Coul <manuel op de coul eon-benelux com> wrote on 09/09/2003 (08:53) :

I am missing a "gtk-edit" stock item. The image could be like
"gtk-find-and-replace" without the magnifying glass, so "gtk-new"
plus a pencil. I think this is a very basic and useful item.

To add to the list of wanted/useful stock items, I have at one point or another been missing the following stock buttons:

Browse...   (Like browse for a file or directory)
Default     (Like reset to default values)
Search...   (OK, Find is there, but Search often means something different)

A few other points:

- I must admit I haven't read the GTK+ style guide, so perhaps there's a good reason for it explained there, but none of the stock buttons has a [...] suffix to indicate that pressing the button will bring up another window.

- The "Revert" image shows a diskette, which associates this action to something that's got to do with files, which is not necessarily the case.

- Diskettes are going away. I suspect that even today, there are people that has never seen a diskette. Thus, I picture of a diskette is not a very good visual cue. I suggest using the generic storage symbol (barrel) instead.

Christer Palm

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