Re: rpm's of gtk 2.2?

On Fri, 2003-09-05 at 09:59, Valdis Kletnieks vt edu wrote:
> On Fri, 05 Sep 2003 08:07:22 EDT, Paul Davis <paul linuxaudiosystems com>  said:
> > i am trying to install gtkmm 2.2, but it requires gtk 2.2 or above. i
> > was hoping to leave my RH8.0 system fully RPM based wherever possible,
> > but i don't seem to be able to find any RPM's of gtk 2.2 except those
> > in RH rawhide. my attempt to install these has already screwed up my
> > system (i upgraded glibc without upgrading rpm ...), but once i get
> > that fixed, i'd still like to find a way to move the system to gtk 2.2
> > rather than the 2.0 that comes with RH8.0. any directions to an RPM?

Missed the original post so I'll tag my response onto this message.

You can just download the src.rpm file from rawhide and rebuild it on
your redhat 8 box.  YMMV, though.  Last time I did that, 2.2 wasn't
exaclty a drop-in replacement for 2.0.  I had to upgrade a couple of
gnome libraries from redhat 9 to keep things from segfaulting.  

My recommendation is to upgrade to 9.  It's worth the time.  In many
ways, 9 is redhat 8.2, so there's no real reason to stay with 8.  It's
not like the jump from 7.3 to 8.


> This just begs the question of whether any *other* properly built RPM will
> give you any less grief - the usual problem hit with RawHide is that RPM's are
> tagged with their dependencies, which you can bypass *at your own peril*
> by using --nodeps.
> Having said that, the Rawhide RPMs for the latest releases (Glib 2.2.3, pango
> 1.2.5, atk 1.3.5 - gtk+ 2.2.4 hasn't shown up as of last night but probably
> will within the next 48 hours or so) are a slam-dunk drop-in if you're already
> in RedHat 9.0 - you may wish to consider upgrading and then going for the
> rawhide releases of just those).
Michael L Torrie <torriem chem byu edu>

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