gtk+ and gtk2

I am having problems regarding gtk+ and gtk2. On my RedHat 9.0, I have gtk+-1.2.10-25 and gtk2-2.2.1-4. When I use: gtk-config --version, it returns 1.2.10. I removed gtk+1.2.10 (rpm), downloaded gtk+-2.2.4 and installed without any problem. Still gtk-config reported I have gtk+-1.2.10. I then removed glib (rpm) and download glib-2.2.3 and, again, installed without any problem. But no matter what, gtk-config still reported I have gtk+-1.2.10.

I have some questions:
(1) Is gtk+ and gtk2 same package? Can they install on the same machine?
(2) Can I install gtk+ 1.2.x and gtk+ 2.2.4 on the same machine? I want to use gtk+ 2.2.4 but it seems gnucash needs libgtk-1.2. (3) How to make gtk-config recognize new gtk+? Is there anything wrong during the installation (./configure; make; make install)

Thanks in advance,

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